Tips for Cycling Safety


May is a bicycle safety month!

Whether you’re an experienced or novice cyclist, always use common-sense to help you ride safely.

GEAR UP – According to the League of American Bicyclist, wearing a helmet is the single-best way to prevent brain injuries in the event of a crash. Ensure that your helmet fits properly; it should sit flat on your head and low on your forehead, measuring approximately two fingers’ width above your eyebrows and allowing only slight movement when you shake your head from side to side. Make sure your bike fits you now – not the size you aspire to be – after you clock a few century rides this summer. A properly fitted bike is just easier to control. Also, it should go without saying that your tires should be properly inflated; and everything from gears and shifters, brakes, chains, and lights/reflectors work.

Wear bright and reflective clothing so that motor-vehicle drivers can see you easily. Preferably also wear something that reflects light, such as reflective tape or markings, or flashing lights. Remember, just because you can see a driver doesn’t mean the driver can see you.

GO WITH THE FLOW – By law, bikes on the road are considered vehicles that must follow the rules of the road. That includes riding on the right, going in the same direction as motor vehicles, and yielding to traffic and pedestrians in crosswalks. Also, ride in predictably straight line (avoid swerving); look left-right-left before entering the street; and use hand signals when turning, merging and stopping. And, of course, never drink and ride.

 KEEP ALERT –  Watch for road hazards such as potholes, pebbles, wet leaves, broken glass, puddles, animals, and parked cars to avoid “getting doored” or surprised when a car suddenly pulls out.

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