New Year’s Resolutions – 2014


We are know the typical New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, stop smoking, save money, watch less television etc. And we all know that most of these promises will be quickly forgotten by mid-February when we slide back into our comfort zones and resume our old habits. We want to better ourselves but oftentimes our goals are just too unrealistic. So why not make 2014 the year you get your legal affairs in order? Here are a few doable and worthwhile New Year’s resolutions that can help you upgrade your legal and financial situation.

1. Know where your “legal papers” are and store them properly. Do not let your important paper-work haphazardly pile up or end up getting lost or stolen. Keeping your documents in order can prevent missing crucial deadlines (curt dates or filing dates), forgetting to renew licenses, permits and insurance, and becoming delinquent on due bills.

2. Review and update your estate plan. A great estate plan created in 2013 might not be a great estate plan in 2023.  Make sure you review your Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and Trust documents every year so your estate plan still protects your property, legal rights and wishes.

3. Do not use quickie internet forms.  A one-size-fits-all approach is never a good one when it comes to legal documents.  More often than not, some generic form created who-knows-where will not meet the ever-changing legal requirements where you live.  You will save money in the long run and avoid costly legal problems by retaining an attorney to listen to your personal needs and provide correct legal documents.

About teperlaw

I am an attorney practicing family law, immigration and wills and estate planning. You can find out more about me and my firm by visiting my website at: 106 W. Franklin Ave. Pennington, NJ 08534 (609) 737-3030
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