Domestic Violence and Temporary Restraining Orders in New Jersey, part 2 of 2

In addition to providing you protection from your abuser, the NJ Temporary Restraining Order can also offer you certain relief. For example:

  • An order can require that the person who committed the act of domestic violence must  stay away from a victim’s person, home, workplace, school, or other such location. This can include, an order not to call or contact the protected person by mail, e-mail, and even text messages.
  • An order can also establish temporary support and custody* until the matter is properly addressed in the divorce or non-dissolution action in court.

If the judge grants you a Temporary Restraining Order, the police officers have the authority to remove the abuser from your home, in order to protect you from further abuse. Note that the abuser will be temporarily prevented from returning to your home, regardless of whether the residence or household is his or hers, yours, or jointly owned/leased by both of you.

*An order can also set up a temporary visitation schedule for the defendant to see the children with designated locations for pickups and drop offs.

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