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Should you lie to your attorney?

Some people tell the truth, some people fib, and some just straight out lie. I believe that most people do not intent to fib or lie, they simply “remember” events or facts that are most favorable to them, or they … Continue reading

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Emancipation and Child Support – Jersey Style

Typically emancipation occurs when a child reaches 18 years of age and/or becomes financially independent. In New Jersey, however, a child is not automatically emancipated at the age of 18.* To emancipate a child, one of the parents must ask … Continue reading

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My friend was picked up by the immigration officer, what is going to happen to her?

UPDATE: Many people appear to have misinterpreted the so called “Morton Memo” on Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion (and an August 18, 2011 announcement) to mean that there will be no more deportations (removal cases). This is not true! Both removal proceedings and removals will continue, however, ICE … Continue reading

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