Some Speeding May Result in Double Fines

According to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, exceeding the speed limit is a number one factor contributing to motor vehicle accidents. As such, a New Jersey driver is expected to obey the speed limit, which in New Jersey is set for any given road, street, highway or freeway.

Currently, these are some of NJ speeding limits:

  • 25 mph – School zones, business or residential districts
  • 35 mph – Suburban business and residential districts
  • 50 mph – Non-posted rural roadways
  • 55 mph – Certain state and interstate highways, as posted
  • 65 mph – Certain interstate highways, as posted

Speeding, or driving faster than the speed limit, may result in a moving violation. However, in addition to a regular traffic fines imposed for speeding, certain double fines may be imposed for exceeding the 65 mph limit by 10 mph or more. Double fines also apply to most other moving violations committed in a 65 mph zone. (N.J.S.A 39:4-98.6)

Since 2003, NJ also implements double fines on driving offenses such as speeding and aggressive driving committed within the “safe corridors” (N.J.S.A. 39:4-203.5).  Under the Safe Corridors law certain highways are designated as “safe corridors”  based on statistics showing crash rates of 50 percent over the state rate, and 1,000 or more crashes reported over a three-year period. Currently, certain parts of Route US 1, Route US 9, Route US 22, Route US 40, Route US 46, Route NJ 47, Route NJ 73 and Route US 206 are designated as a “safe corridor area.”

New Jersey also has laws that increase the penalties for speeding or committing other traffic violations committed while in a construction work zone. This involves doubling the original fine for the same traffic violation outside of a construction zone. It should be noted that workers need not be present at the construction site for the double penalty to be applicable.

Regardless of the posted speed limit, a driver should never drive faster than weather, road or other conditions safely allow!

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