What NOT to Do When You’re Heading for a Divorce

  1. If you have been served with divorce papers, do not ignore them! Denial won’t help you.  Consult with a divorce attorney ASAP as time is of the essence.
  2. Avoid domestic violence at all costs. A restraining order against you is not going to help you getting custody of your children.
  3. Don’t scream or fight with your soon-to-be ex in front of your children or in court!  
  4. Don’t facebook, myspace, twitter, you tube etc. to complain, whine, criticize your spouse for the world to see. He/she will not appreciate that, and will likely retaliate against you. Fighting (especially public fighting) won’t make your divorce any faster, cheaper, or easier.
  5. Don’t ask your children to take sides, or spy on your former partner – it is not fair to the children.
  6. Don’t use your children as emotional pawns against your spouse.
  7. Don’t move out of the house until the court issues an order. If you fear physical abuse then talk to your attorney.
  8. Don’t sign any documents without reading them first or talking to your attorney. Make sure you understand what you are signing.
  9. Don’t move to another country till your divorce proceedings are finalized. If you move mid-divorce, your life will likely get more complicated.
  10. Don’t try to relocate your children to another state or country without court’s order or your spouse’s permission. The courts can impose sanctions against the parent who unlawfully removed children out of state. The judge can even order a change in custody.
  11. Don’t interfere with the court ordered visitation arrangements. Doing that is a good way to annoy or even enrage your ex and the judge.
  12. Don’t hide or steal property from your spouse. This can backfire when your spouse finds out and decides to take you back to court.

About teperlaw

I am an attorney practicing family law, immigration and wills and estate planning. You can find out more about me and my firm by visiting my website at: www.teperlaw.com 106 W. Franklin Ave. Pennington, NJ 08534 (609) 737-3030
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